Premised that God wanted in distant times that some wise Kings founded teams of braves picked Knights in militas under the insignia of the Holy Cross to embank and to fight the oders of the invading Barbarians of the earths conquered to the Faith of Christ, imposing to them a rule more conforming to the precepts of the Gospel and its Militant Church, because they were able with great ardor to complete their work to fight the infidels, to free the slaves, to assist to the patients, the poor men and the unlucky persons, to spread and to defend the religion, so today us, in to recall to the memory it undertook and symbolic traditions, so much glorious, we intend to renew and to reinstate our Sovereign Oder of Saint John in Jerusalem, Knights of Malta.

Without doubt the prizes granted wing value or to the worth, serve a great deal for encouraging the men and the women to complete well clevated actions of, over whether to show the others to cross a fireplace of Faith of praie and of love toward who needs it.

The man for intimate aspiration is inclinable to make road among the common people , to distinguish, to excel, and it is natural and logical that, if he has worths to boast enjoys, but always in humility into also show the signs and the attestations reward them of merit that they raise him from the more.

The man approaches distinguished Sovereign Oder of Saint John in Jerusalem, Knights of Malta , he must not believe that it is exclusively a heritage of the past, the origin loses in the mists of the times, and the life lasts radiant from centuries and it is full of deeds and virtue pursed in the name of “Cristianità” and Mother Cavalry.

Our Sovereign’s Knight Oder must consider a servant of God and the whole human knowledge, he is the Apostle of the good actions, and his time among the two eternities is full of duties to perform, to love and to persevere.

He distinguishes from the joy that it is inherent him, because he continually triumphs on the injustice and against those people that try to destroy the divine spirituality. He must be the voice of the Justice, of the Equity, of the Impartiality, and of the Equility.

Serene and happy is our Oder with these Knigths that honoring themselves and their Darlings , they believe in their Country, watch over on the Cristianity, and people love.










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